Creative services

  • 01. Brand identity
  • 02. Social Media Strategy
  • 03. Copywriting and scripts for videos and commercials

Video production

  • 01. Video shooting for social networks, advertisements, events
  • 02. Video Editing
  • 03. Audiovisual production

Influencer Marketing

  • 01. Exploring available niche markets
  • 02. Competition analysis
  • 03. Managing advertising budgets and campaigns with influencers

Corporate Solutions

  • 01. Employer branding
  • 02. Brand awareness
  • 03. Complete social media presence solution
  • 04. Social network management and automations

Livestream and live events

  • 01. Live Streams
  • 02. Webinars
  • 03. Organisation of live events


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Analysis. Strategy. Implementation.
Analysis. Strategy. Implementation.
Analysis. Strategy. Implementation.
Analysis. Strategy. Implementation.


Velizar Velichkov

Velizar Velichkov

Nikola helped me create my podcast, "Да убиеш дракона", and has handled several of the episodes on it. His tips and strategies for making tumblr have helped me promote my videos more successfully on YouTube. Besides being a good friend, Nikola is a true professional at what she does. Of those rarely found in Bulgaria. I would double handedly recommend anyone to work with him in relation to video shooting, video editing and anything else for that matter.

Yan Garkov

Yan Garkov

When we went to Nikola and Ventsi, we were just starting to develop our brand and we encountered many problems with its monetization and promotion.

In just 6 months we have managed to increase our followers almost 10 times, while at the same time we have significantly expanded our customer base and therefore our revenue.

Boris Madolev

Boris Madolev

Working with Nikola and Ventsi unlocked the potential of Strong and Shredded.

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